B12 Vitamin-Combating The Epidemic of Deficiency

Title: B12 Vitamin Combating the Epidemic of Deficiency
Contributors: Dr Roman Pawlak (Author)
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The science of nutrition is fascinating, practical and progressive. As new findings regarding specific issues, diets and nutrients, are being discovered, nutrition professionals gain better understanding and sometimes revise recommendations. Vitamin B12 is a good example. A simple search of medical database, PUBMED, using “B12” as a key word in a title (such search should match all manuscripts that have “B12” in the title), performed on September 8, 2015, yielded 9013 matches. The same search performed two years earlier yielded more than 8,550 manuscripts. Additionally, 1579 manuscripts matched a search criteria with the key word “cobalamin” (the proper name of vitamin B12), which was close to 100 matches more than the same search done in 2013. Thus, within just two years, more than 500 manuscripts were published on vitamin B12. Some of these manuscripts were published in medical journals, while others in nutrition or chemistry journals. For individuals who do not specialize in a specific narrow area, it is simply not possible to keep up with all new discoveries. Unfortunately, as a result, many of such individuals, both nutrition professionals and people in general, may still hold onto the old theories and concepts.

Vitamin B12 may be one of the best, although not the only examples of how many things, we used to believe were correct and true, turned out to be anything but. In fact, in the light of new research, chances are that most of what you have heard regarding vitamin B12 is incorrect. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to write this book. I hope that health professionals and those with no training in medicine or nutrition will gain a better understanding of how this vitamin works, who may be at risk of a deficiency, what are the deficiency symptoms, and how to prevent and treat a deficiency. Although some symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency may be mild, other symptoms may be severe and, if untreated, they may lead to death and/or severe lifetime disability. Yet, other deficiency problems may be irreversible. Nonetheless, vitamin B12 deficiency can be easily prevented, and thus, no one needs to develop deficiency symptoms.

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