Resurrection VS Life After Death

Title: Resurrection VS Life After Death
Contributors: Dr Roman Pawlak
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"The majority of Christians today believe that when a person dies his/her soul is still alive. Upon death, it enters either heaven or hell. In the past the Catholic Church also taught that souls may go to purgatory. The foundation of such teaching is a belief that the soul is eternal, which means that it lives forever. However, as we shall see, the Bible describes the resurrection, at the end of time, at the return of Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords, as the only hope given to believers in Christ by which eternal life can be obtained. We shall also examine passages of the Scriptures used by believers to support their belief in an immortal soul. A careful examination of these passages will show that they do not support such belief. To the contrary, many of such passages, when understood in biblical context, actually support resurrection as the only hope to inherit eternal life. Furthermore, in the pages of this book we will examine the suggestion that people currently live in hell and we shall find that this idea is not based on the Scriptures. Instead, according to the Bible, all who died sleep unconsciously in their graves and are awaiting God’s judgment. It is during the judgment time when their fate is decided. They will either be condemned to eternal annihilation or receive eternal life at the time of Jesus’ return.

It is my prayer that all who read this book will accept biblical teaching regarding the great Christian hope that we have in our Savior’s return and the resurrection that He promised."

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