Do vegetarian diets impact arthritis symptoms?

Yes. Vegetarian diets are protective against arthritis and may help improve arthritis symptoms among people who already have the disease. Studies from Scandinavia showed that a vegan diet that followed a few days of fasting significantly improved symptoms such as pain or stiffness. A good example of the effect of fasting coupled with a vegan diet was documented in a research conducted by a group of researchers directed by Dr. Kjeldsen-Kragha. In this study, 53 individuals were divided into two groups. One of these groups consumed meat. The other group underwent a juice fasting therapy, which means that for a few days they only consumed vegetable juices from potatoes, carrots, celery, beats and parsley, after which they adopted a vegan diet. After 3.5 years of consuming a vegan diet they slowly began introducing some dairy products. The researcher stated that “for all clinical variables and most laboratory variables measured, the 27 patients in the fasting and vegetarian diet groups improved significantly compared with the 26 patients in the control group who followed their usual omnivorous diet throughout the study period.”