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Principles of Healthy Eating: Nuts and Seeds

Consuming a variety of nuts and seeds daily constitutes another principle of healthy eating. Nuts played a significant role in human nutrition from prehistoric time. One of the oldest texts…
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Principles of Healthy Eating: Meat

Healthy diet is one that is based exclusively or primarily on a variety of unrefined foods of plant origin. Interestingly, although our principles of a healthy diet are based on…
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Principles of Healthy Eating: Fats and Oils

Healthy diet should be exclusively or primarily based on foods of plant origin. Meats, especially red meat should be avoided. One area of confusion regarding healthy diet has to do…
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Principles of Healthy Eating: Dietary Supplements

Research studies conducted in the last several decades quite convincingly showed that plant-based diets that are composed of a variety of unrefined products protect from a number of chronic health…
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Principles of Healthy Eating: Alcohol

In the past several years, both in the media and in scientific literature, a lot of articles were designated to address the influence of drinking alcoholic beverages, especially red wine,…
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